Tuesday, 11 October 2011


So today Amber decided to free fall out of her cot! She has learnt to pull herself to stand  up. We hadn't had chance to do her cot, and then today she went for a sleep, I was in the bedroom sorting some washing out and stuff, and heard and almighty thud and she screamed, I thought she had just banged her head hard on the cot sides...so I ran into the room and almost tripped over her!! :/

Poor little Pud!! :'( Bad bad mummy!

Needless to say the cot has been lowered!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

www.willswish.com Every Penny Helps!!!


We're on our way to St Louis' Children's Hospital!! We decided that we wanted to go for the operation, and are now actively fundraising to get us there. The lovely Sarah from here has done the website for us and despite my constant emails and facebook messages, she hasn't got cross with me! Haha! we're so pleased with it. Its fab!

My whole life has been taken over by Will's wish. I have had more mails to answer in the last few weeks than I have had in the last few years! It will be worth all the stress though.

I haven't had time to update my blog for an age, I miss it!!

In other news...It was my birthday yesterday and I have had the most fabulous time!! I love my little family, Dave even had the weekend off!We went to the Trafford Centre and I was spoiled rotten, which was nice, as all my money goes on the kids! I have to say though, they didn't miss out either, as they both had build a bear dog/owl teddy each :) Will loves doing that.

Today we went out for Sunday lunch with my mother in law and then for a wander down the canal.

Busy week this week, Breastfeeding peer support training on Tuesday, last one in this block, so I can start going to Will's riding again, which will be lovely, I miss that, and feel rubbish when I cant be there :( Nothing like a mother's guilt hey? :'(

I think I ought to go to bed now. Dave's garage has bought a new Recovery Truck and so he is up at 4am to go pick it up. I am sure he told me where it was from, but I don't think I was listening :/ Oops! Will is off to his daddy's house tomorrow (we swapped for the weekend) and then its just me and Pud til Wednesday morning...If I'm lucky I might catch 10mins or so with Dave...Maybe.

Night all! :)


Silent Sunday

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Lazy Lazy Lazy!

Wow, its been 2 weeks since my last blog entry! It doesn't seem that long ago...

Having said that, loads going on here...time flies when you're having fun I guess.

Since making the decision that Will is going to have the SDR operation, its been a bit stressful, trying to sort out bank account, a charity that will help us with a number (in case companies want to donate and avoid the tax). I do feel quite positive about it all though, and my friends have been amazing! really helpful with the fundraising ideas!

Tomorrow when I get a minute, I will blog about the fundraising situation and all the things we have planned..but for tonight, I just wanted to quickly update this :)

I guess I should go to bed since Amber has decided she no longer needs to sleep past about 4am. Nightmare.