A bit about us!


I'm Michaela. I'm a 22 year old Mummy of two. I live just outside Chester in Deeside, North Wales.
I am a stay at home mummy to my little monsters, and chief coffee maker/washing do-er to my lovely other half, Dave.

I love being a stay home mum, but one day I want to be a teacher. Seems a long way off tho! :(


He is my other half. (I am clearly the better half!) He has his own garage business and so works 7 days a week. We don't see a great deal of each other. This is why we're still together! ;) Hahah.

Me and my lovely Mr


Will is my superstar. He is 4 now, and getting so big! He has Cerebral Palsy. (Spastic Diplegia and Left Side Hemiplegia. Apparently, this cant happen. But clearly, it does. He is a happy, smiley little boy with manners that any mother would be proud of! I am so proud of everything he has achieved, against the odds! You can read more about him here.

My little Munchie


She is our little Pud. If you haven't already read this, then you should. During my pregnancy with Amber, there were many complications and we're very lucky to have brought her home. She makes me laugh so much, shes amazing! Its a whole new experience for me, as Will wasn't mobile until he was much older, and I am finding it hard! :/

Our little Puddy Bear

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