Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Gallery:A Happy Memory

The Gallery this week is a showcase of happy memories...

Well here is mine.

The 1st cuddle Will had with his tiny baby sister Amber. After a very stressful week where my little man was staying with his daddy, and Amber was very poorly in the NICU. My heart melted, for the first time, I had both of my babies in the same place at the same time! :D

Monday, 12 September 2011

your choice, my choice.

I am a breastfeeding mummy. A very pro breastfeeding mummy. But recently there have been a few occasions where I have been made to feel uncomfortable about it. Amber is 7 months now. and I plan to continue feeding her well beyond 12 months. That is MY CHOICE!!

A friend of mine recently put a comment on facebook about Aptimil's Toddler milk, and its lack of obvious reasons for existence. A reply popped up and basically it descended into a breastfeeding V formula feeding debate.

I often find that I am unable to be proud of the fact I successfully fed both of my children, as its misinterpreted as formula bashing.

I read so much about the breastfeeding mafia. But I come across the formula feeding defensive more often!! It really irritates me that its deemed acceptable to stick your oar in and tell someone that they shouldn't breastfeed, that the baby wont sleep through, that its 'gross' to do it in public. 'You wouldn't have a poo in public...' etc. Along with all the other stupid comments I have received in the last few years.

But, if I were to even *hint* that formula wasn't as good as breast milk, then I am judgemental and condescending?

I have given up feeling bad no. The fact is, breast milk is superior to formula. You cant get away from that. I am not naive enough to think that there is no call for formula at all, but I think it should be the norm to Breastfeed. and less frowned upon!

I am fed up of being made to feel bad for being bloody proud of myself, it is hard work to breastfeed, and there is no 'sharing the night feeds'. BUT once its all established, it is SO much easier.
Long may Amber continue to feed. Bring on the 'Are you still Breastfeeding...?' ;)

Christmas is coming...Bah Humbug.

Since Amber is growing a ridiculous rate, yesterday I nipped into Boots to buy yet MORE new babygrows, and came across this...

Seriously?? It's not even mid-way through September yet!!

I am so glad I now-longer work in retail, that was one of the things I hated, knowing that my Christmas would start months ahead of schedule. Now, I have to admit to having started my shopping, but that's purely to spread the cost out, especially now we have 2 children, and the SDR on the horizon.

But I couldn't help bur feel sad that when I saw this display, I will be fed up of Christmas by the time it even gets here!

Anyone else feel the same? :/

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

LEGO is the bane of my life!

Today we have had a PJ day (Will is in school alternate days this week and next). He loves Lego, but now that Amber is mobile, he's only allowed to play with it when she is in bed, and it has to go away before anything else comes out. Its been out just over an hour, in the lounge. and already I have found a piece in the kitchen. Or rather my foot found it as it embedded itself into the sole of my poor, poor foot! *cry*

Along with the Lego, there are a few toys that drive me barmy. The next being the Marble Run, you see this toy and I have a love/hate relationship. Once its finally built, its great, both Will and I love it. But its not something he can build by himself, so I have to do it, but the always wants to 'help' which generally leads to it falling over! So we start again...and on and on it goes.

I spend a fortune on toys which I later regret as they never seems to be things he can play with independently, and whilst I love playing with him, sometimes, I just have to get other jobs done! :(

The Gallery:Shoes

This week's Gallery topic is Shoes. Ok, so my picture isnt strictly Shoes. HOWEVER...It is shoe related, in our house anyways! Will wears Splints inside his shoes, and this is the process of making them. 1st of all, they make a plaster cast mould, to make sure they are the right size etc. and then they send them off to an orthopaedic hospital for the manufacturing process.

Listography...Things I Did This Summer

Kate has put up the new listography...Things I did this summer. I've racked my brains to think of the best things and was really struggling, until I looked through all the pictures I have taken! Maybe it wasn't such a rubbish Summer after all! :) After reading this, pop on over toe Kate's page and read some more (no doubt more interesting things!)

We went to Eastbourne to stay with my brother in law, Jack and his boyfriend, Anthony.
We went to Drusilla's park, Will loved it! His favourite bit was the ride on Thomas :)

We went to Legoland.

We built dens at Chirk Castle


On Dave's birthday, we went to the Marco Pierre White Restaurant in Chester, and Will was so well behaved, I am so proud of him!

We did the Flintshire Mummys Calender shoot, this is me getting my hair done. watch this space for the real pictures! :)

So, that's our Summer...Take yourself off to Kate's page and link yourself in so I can be nosy! ;)

My Poor, Neglected Blog!

Wow, its been AGEEEESSSS since I got a chance to write here. It's been a shitty week or so. But I think we're finally back on track.

Will had his X-rays yesterday for the SDR, £125 later...We had to go privately for them, which is annoying. But it is done now.

William also had his 1st day in reception yesterday. He loved it, but he was knackered when he finished (at 1.30pm) and wanted to go home for a sleep! He is off today and back in tomorrow, then next week alternate days until they got FT the following week. I think its great they do the settling in period, but it takes forever. Not that I'm complaining, its nice to have him home!

I suppose I best get used to him being gone tho, and find something to fill my time! Yesterday I took Amber to toddler group..and She was that child who everyone moves their kids away from!!! :/ She pulled a little boy's hair so hard he screamed the place down! Monster!

I need to nip that in the bud!