Monday, 12 September 2011

Christmas is coming...Bah Humbug.

Since Amber is growing a ridiculous rate, yesterday I nipped into Boots to buy yet MORE new babygrows, and came across this...

Seriously?? It's not even mid-way through September yet!!

I am so glad I now-longer work in retail, that was one of the things I hated, knowing that my Christmas would start months ahead of schedule. Now, I have to admit to having started my shopping, but that's purely to spread the cost out, especially now we have 2 children, and the SDR on the horizon.

But I couldn't help bur feel sad that when I saw this display, I will be fed up of Christmas by the time it even gets here!

Anyone else feel the same? :/

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  1. i totally agree and had a bit of a rant on my blog about it last week!! its such a shame that the excitement is gone by the time xmas gets here, but i still try to make it magical for my little one, without the commercial side ruining it! xx