Wednesday, 7 September 2011

LEGO is the bane of my life!

Today we have had a PJ day (Will is in school alternate days this week and next). He loves Lego, but now that Amber is mobile, he's only allowed to play with it when she is in bed, and it has to go away before anything else comes out. Its been out just over an hour, in the lounge. and already I have found a piece in the kitchen. Or rather my foot found it as it embedded itself into the sole of my poor, poor foot! *cry*

Along with the Lego, there are a few toys that drive me barmy. The next being the Marble Run, you see this toy and I have a love/hate relationship. Once its finally built, its great, both Will and I love it. But its not something he can build by himself, so I have to do it, but the always wants to 'help' which generally leads to it falling over! So we start again...and on and on it goes.

I spend a fortune on toys which I later regret as they never seems to be things he can play with independently, and whilst I love playing with him, sometimes, I just have to get other jobs done! :(


  1. I've awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award. To collect it pop over to my blog.

  2. its so difficult to find toys they actually like and can play themselves isn't it! lego gets better as they get older and mine all now sit and play with it happily and i don't have to worry about them - only downside is the mess because ti does get EVERYWHERE