Monday, 12 September 2011

your choice, my choice.

I am a breastfeeding mummy. A very pro breastfeeding mummy. But recently there have been a few occasions where I have been made to feel uncomfortable about it. Amber is 7 months now. and I plan to continue feeding her well beyond 12 months. That is MY CHOICE!!

A friend of mine recently put a comment on facebook about Aptimil's Toddler milk, and its lack of obvious reasons for existence. A reply popped up and basically it descended into a breastfeeding V formula feeding debate.

I often find that I am unable to be proud of the fact I successfully fed both of my children, as its misinterpreted as formula bashing.

I read so much about the breastfeeding mafia. But I come across the formula feeding defensive more often!! It really irritates me that its deemed acceptable to stick your oar in and tell someone that they shouldn't breastfeed, that the baby wont sleep through, that its 'gross' to do it in public. 'You wouldn't have a poo in public...' etc. Along with all the other stupid comments I have received in the last few years.

But, if I were to even *hint* that formula wasn't as good as breast milk, then I am judgemental and condescending?

I have given up feeling bad no. The fact is, breast milk is superior to formula. You cant get away from that. I am not naive enough to think that there is no call for formula at all, but I think it should be the norm to Breastfeed. and less frowned upon!

I am fed up of being made to feel bad for being bloody proud of myself, it is hard work to breastfeed, and there is no 'sharing the night feeds'. BUT once its all established, it is SO much easier.
Long may Amber continue to feed. Bring on the 'Are you still Breastfeeding...?' ;)


  1. yes yes, very true and I am always saying the same, breastfeeding mums never get to promote how wonderful breastfeeding can be for fear of upsetting someone, yet formula feeders dont seem to worry about that when they bash everyone who dares mention the benefits of breastfeeding which is such a shame, well done for breastfeeding amber still... and I hope it continues till you ar both happy for it to stop :) x

  2. Whatever happened to personal choice & keeping your opinions to yourself?!
    I breastfed all 3 of mine & had mixed results with each child. My DD was nightmare to get established, but once we were it was great if not demanding & fed her up until 11mths when I discovered I was pregnant with DS1,who was fine to get going but I chose to go onto a bottle after 2months, DS2 was brilliant at it, but after 3 months I did formula & breastfeeding which worked out well for me. My choices for my babies!!!

  3. But surely that is my point. It is MY choice. Yet as soon I mention anything about BFing, I am considered to be attacking those who FF?

    It is MY choice to feed my baby. And, as i'm sure, as a previous BFer, you must have felt the same, I am proud to be feeding my baby myself.

    I blogged about the fact that I was fed up about not being able to even talk about BFing without being jumped on. and I stand by everything i said.

    I do think that it depends on the situation and what works for one doesnt necessarily work for the other, as you and your babies show, however, the original post was about the supposed BFing mafia.

  4. I 100% agree with everything that you've said about BFing, I'm proud that I BF'd all 3 of my babies (with mixed results!) but despite all the natural goodness from feeding naturally it never ceases to amaze me that some mum's won't even try & have a go & try to BF!
    I'm quite convinced that it has stood my 3 kids in good stead with their immunity etc & would recommend it to all, it was only this morning that I was telling my hubby how much I miss it (3 1/2 years later!) but not the oral thrush that transferred to my nipple!
    I think it's one of those subjects that just brings out the worst in people, it's a bit like when you get asked what name you've chosen & get comments on that as well. A lot of women (& some men) get really worked up about mum's breast feeding, I've been asked not do it in a restaurant because a man complained, I just said no I wont, he doesn't have to look at me!