Wednesday, 17 August 2011

10 things you didn't know about me...

The lovely Sarah from thisisme-sarahmumof3 tagged me in this post, so here we go. I'm a pretty open person, so there probably isn't a lot you dont know about me...But I have 10 things!

#1 I really really want to be a teacher one day. Even when I was a little girl, and all my friends wanted to be a pop-star, a model or a doctor, I was always the teacher!

#2 I spent a significant amount of my childhood in and out of care. I eventually landed in a foster placement with the most wonderful lady called Sylvia. Even now, 6 years since I left, we still speak regularly and I know, whatever it is, she will always be there!

#3 I hate cats. With a passion. If I could rid the world of them all, I absolutely would. No questions asked.

#4 I had my tonsils out when I was younger, about 4 I thin. But they grew back! I didn't know this until i got horrendous tonsillitis and argued with the GP! Lol.

#5 I love getting into bed with fresh, clean, COLD sheets. I open the bedroom window every morning, even through the winter, and change the sheets as regularly as my washing basket allows! (This is usually more often that required since we part-time co-sleep and Amber insists on throwing up on my bed every morning!)

#6 I am more of a fan of Winter than Summer. I love sitting in the house when its dark and raining, laughing at feeling sorry for those stuck out in it! Also, Christmas is the best time of year!

#7 On the subject of Christmas, I have present-wrapping OCD. (This extends to birthdays too!) and all the present have to have similar paper, IE all red and green, or lilac and silver. I put ribbons and bows on everything, including the kids. They generally hate this, as they can't get them open!

#8 I don't like Mushrooms. Why would anyone want to eat them? They are slimy! Yuk!

#9 I am terrible with Money. It burns a hole in my pocket. I can't save at all! Dave goes mad, I am always buying something, especially for the kids! :)

#10 I'm a secret knitter...

So, thats my 10 things... I am now tagging



  1. you were a secret knitter... now your secrets out, theres nothing wrong with knitting ;)

  2. LMAO Sarah! ;) i love knitting, and crocheting! sad hey?!

  3. What a fun and quirky thing to do - really make syou think about things that people perhaps don't know about you

  4. I will tag you in it, you can add yours then ;)

  5. You'll have to let me know how to tag and tag me :) xx