Sunday, 14 August 2011

The End of an Era..

Wow, this morning I find myself packing away all Amber's baby stuff, swing, bouncy chair etc. They are being sold to my friend, who is expecting her 2nd baby this Christmas.

Amber will be our last baby. I feel really said about that, I always wanted a big family...I come from a huge, Catholic-sized family, with lots of brothers and a sister. But realistically, its not going to happen. Not with my crap body and its inability to do what women were made to do and deal with a pregnancy properly! And also, the extra stress and demands on our time with Will having Cerebral Palsy.

There are some bonuses to this tho...

I'm sat here by myself, Amber in bed having a nap, Dave in bed after his rally, Will with his dad. All I can hear is next doors lawn-mower. Peace. If we had more kids, what are th chances i'd get them to nap together??? LOL!

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  1. Peace & quiet when your kids are asleep is the best noise in the world!!