Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Gallery:Black and White

This weeks gallery topic is Black & White.

I trawled through all my recent pictures for one to suit the brief, but 1 just kept sticking in my mind

This is my 20weeks scan with Amber. The scariest but loveliest experience of my life. especially after everything that happened with Will :) 


  1. Scan pictures are so wonderful. Going for them is very scary though.

    Love the title of your blog. I feel like that too some days!

  2. Wonderful scan pic, and such a good thought for a black and white pic. What is The Gallery? As a keen amateur photographer I am wondering if it is something I can join in with

  3. The gallery is a weekly blog thing, there is a 'theme' and the pictures you post have tp be relevant, then you add your name to the list... you will find more info here :) xx

  4. Thanks very m,uch, i lvoe my blog, and altho i am relatively new to blogging, feel like i'm getting somewhere. yes, scans are nervewracking!! :/ but shes here now and it was worth it! x