Thursday, 25 August 2011

Funky Giraffe Bibs

The lovely people at Funky Giraffe Bibs sent Amber and I some to try out. Just something else for my poor postman to have to deliver...(I have a fluffy nappy addiction!) They arrived alongside some gorgeous smellies..more about those later...

We tried them on for size..Perfect!!

Amber felt the need to share a biscuit with one....

And her new trick, holding her own cup...we're yet to master the actual drinking part tho..more spilling at the moment! :/

But...When we took off the bib, her top was perfectly dry underneath! Brilliant!

Funky Giraffe Bibs are a fab shape, they secure at the back with nickel free fastenings, there are couple of poppers to allow for growth, which is always a bonus!

Lined with Fleece, they stop the dribble getting through to the clothes, and I also found they because of the cut of the fabric, they sit quite close to the chin, without being too tight, but it means that Amber isn't getting red and rash-y from her chin and neck being wet all the time!

When we took the bib off, it was very soggy on the outside, but her clothes were fine, totally dry!

I would 100% recommend Funky Giraffe bibs, we love them!

Also in the box was some Bubble & Balm Luxury Anti-Bacterial Hand wash, and some citrus soap.

I am wary of using anything fragrance on Amber, as she has very sensitive skin. normally we bather her in just water. But I thought I'd give the soap a try. It smells amazing and feels lovely to wash with, and best of all, no dry-ness or red-ness for Amber!

The anti-bac hand wash is now in the bathroom, it even worked a treat on Dave's 'post-work' greasy hands!

I love the smell, the fact its fair trade, and that it does what its meant to! lovely product! :)

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