Sunday, 28 August 2011

Just as I get into bed,....

Gahhh. This whole fundraising thing is driving me mad. I sit here staring at the laptop screen all evening, brain gone to mush, unable to make an plans or think up new ideas for Will's fundraising.

But then...BAM, I get into bed and 83261723601293801239 ideas whizz through my head!

I really ought to take a pen and paper to bed with me!!

So far on our list we have got
  • Walk up Snowdon
  • Leg-wax for the guys!
  • Football match
  • Raffle night at local pub
  • Band night at local pub with a collection
  • Family Fun Day at local leisure centre
  • School non-uniform days
  • My uncle is hoping to do a sponsored Run for it too!
 We're going to get in touch with the local paper, radio stations etc too. Also set up a Just Giving page.

Its a HUGE amount of planning and I am freaking out a bit, that we won't be able to do it :/


  1. You could do a race night (dogs or horses) hire a hall or something. Sell tickets to go, bet on the races but if you win you get say just 25% of the winnings and the rest goes to the charity! These nights are always a winner.
    Charity slave auction another fun one a publication is good for that. A family fun day get local companies to donate say bouncy casstles little rides and then all monay taken for them go to the charity you could have cake stalls tombola stalls and even maybe some bric and brac which ten leads me on to carboots. Don't know if you like the idea of any but just some ideas xx

  2. If there is any sponsored walks or anything let me know i can takd part n try to raise money for such a lovely boy. From tiffany and alfie <3