Thursday, 4 August 2011

Thursdays are the new Mondays!

Thursday. Again. Really?! :/

A lazy morning, watching Dunstan Checks In, still in our PJ's. And I absolutely DID NOT let the kids eat toast in my bed! Dave will go spare! Ah well. The choice of film got me thinking tho, of all the films I loved as a kid. Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Oliver, Home Alone. At the risk of sounding like my Nana, modern day children's films just don't cut it for me! Good old Matilda! :D

We went to Spavens, a pottery paining place near us. Will painted a mug for Dave, its his birthday on the 15th and another mug for his auntie.He loves it there, but stupidly, i forgot it was the holidays, and it was ridiculously busy! For a child who walks in a walking frame, this doesn't bode well! :(

I also had some forms to fill in for Will's wheelchair application. I chewed the end of the pen. I broke my tooth. OUCH! Trip to the dentist this week now. I hate the dentist. just the smell makes me feel sick! :(

And so, here we are. Thursday. and what a crappy day Thursday always is.

William goes to his dad's on a Thursday. Every week. Until Monday morning. Leaving me behind with Pud.

In theory, its a good thing. As lifting and carrying a heavy, unstable 4year old all week doesn't half do your back in! In reality, I would rather the back ache, than send him to his dads.

I shall probably spend the weekend doing washing. and babbling to a 6month old. I have drawn the conclusion, that whilst incessant conversations about Bin Lorries are hard to be interested in, gah gah, goo goo, is worse!


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  2. whoops I posted the comment on the wrong post, looks like you had a ncie time at the ceramic painting place hoping to take my three to our local one soon :)