Monday, 29 August 2011

Back to reality!

Contrary to popular belief, there are other things going on here, other than the SDR stuff! It half only almost taken over my life. But I have started a Blog for Will to try and keep the two things separate.

So, aside of SDR...whats going on? Well, I have somehow, sort of managed to get on top of the housework. Just about. I found loads of stuff I'd forgotten I had! I love it when that happens, though it is irritating, as I always think, I'd forgotten about that, stuff it, it can go in the bin/charity bag/etc but I cant bear to part with whatever it is. I am a hoarder!

Also, Will starts back at school next week. He is going to be in the Reception class! and going full-time! I am gutted. Totally gutted.

I am definitely one of those mums who lives for the holidays. I cant wait for October half-term already!

Last week we went shopping for his shoes. What a faff it is trying to find shoes to go over splints! Nightmare. If you think Clarks is crap for choice....Try shopping with Will. Eventually we found some that he was happy with though. Better still, when we got to the till, they were half price. Bargain!

Here he is, showing them off...

We're done now, that's everything bought, I just have to put labels on everything, and then off I go, next Tuesday, to drop my little man off for his 1st full day. I suspect there will be lots of tears!


  1. well done for finding some shoes and yay at a bargain... I am also not one who will be too happy when they all return to school.. me Im in complete denile and haven't even thought about school shoes yet... we've got agggeeeesss haven't we?

  2. Will goes back on the 6th :D and the shoes were from brantano or whatever its called :)