Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Gallery:Animals

This week the Gallery topic is Animals. 

If I'm honest, I'm not a great animal lover. We have had hamsters, Guinea pigs, fish etc. but they all died, and no-one seemed bothered. They were not replaced.

Having worked on a farm throughout my teenage years, there are few animals that frighten me, apart from, that is, Spiders. and rats. Spiders in particular. I cant cope with any bigger than a 10pence piece. It stresses me out if there is one in the bedroom, I cant go to sleep with it there. Nor would I walk under one that's on the ceiling.

Dave isn't a fan either, so between us we squeal like school girls and argue over whose turn it is to remove the critter and put it outside. This is on Dave found when he was putting the wheelie bin out for rubbish collection. it had the longest legs I have ever seen and made me shiver at the thought of it coming in the house!


For more critter pics, follow the link to Sticky Fingers and add your own whilst you're there :D

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