Monday, 8 August 2011

Chirk Castle...The 'happy post'

I didn't really want to go. The thought of dragging 1 in a wheelchair, 1 in a buggy round some historic remains that clearly DO NOT meet the disability access requirements was somewhat unappealing!

But , with a bit of Extreme gentle persuasion from Dave and the MIL, I packed up the kids, the bags, the car etc, and off we went.

I tried, REALLLLLLLYYY hard to put aside my accessibility frustrations and enjoy it for the kids. The start went well. Den building

This was really good fun actually. But in the back of my mind was my little man, he was delegating, telling us all what to do....where to put the branches etc. But he couldn't join in. Not really. He can't balance without holding on, so couldn't lift up the branches for us. He did however thoroughly inspect the final product...


We walked up the hill to the Castle itself and had a mooch around...put the kids in the stocks.

There was plenty to do for the kids, dressing up etc

Overall the kids enjoyed. I was stressed. The kids were tired. Good day I guess. Not in a rush to repeat it though!

Right. So, that was the happy, positive post. I shall return shortly with the rant-y one listing all my annoyances!

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