Friday, 19 August 2011

Flashback Friday!

Dave and I are the subject of my Flashback Friday, it seems fitting since next weekend it will be 2 years since we met.

We met at a local pub near us, on their monthly Friday night Karaoke night.  The first time he spoke to me, I thought he was horrible! LOL!

He was with a group of our mutual friends (mostly guys) and I thought they were all rude and obnoxious idiots!

That night is a bit of a blur, there was far to much alcohol involved! But two nights later, we met again in different pub where we all were going for Bank Holiday Sunday Karaoke. I had a boyfriend at this point, but he was a bit of an arse if I'm honest. That relationship ended midway through September

Dave and I became Facebook friends, purely for me to tag him in all the attractive pictures I'd taken ;) and some nights we'd stay up really late chatting about our plans for the following weekend. We always went out in a group, never just the two of us. But some how, people knew before we did that there was some sort of spark between us. we both denied it, and carried on as we were, however, the pub, AKA the 'Rumour-mill' got behind it, and everyone was gossiping about us, and how we were apparently together. We weren't! :D

During this time, I was making plans for my 21st birthday. I was pregnant on my 18th so couldn't drink, was tired and grumpy and hated every second of my party! :( so for my 21st i was determined that I was going all out and having a fab weekend!

 I had planned it all out, my actual birthday was on the 8th October, a Thursday, so some friends and I took the kids to a soft-play. Nothing spectacular, but I did have cake! Then on the Friday night I had a house-party, Will was at his dad's for the weekends, so everyone came to mine. It went on until 6am, when we decided to calm down and make Sausage and Cheese Sarnies! :D The next night, the Saturday, we'd planned a night out to Chester. So off we went, me wearing a bright-pink, flashing sash, a balloon round my wrist and a shot glass on a string!

This picture is the 1st ever kiss between Dave and I. I don't remember it, but it apparently happened as we have photographic proof! :D

This picture here is Dave and I staggering back to get a taxi, where I left him behind and rolled home at about 5am.!

We continued to see each other regularly within a group, but then started meeting up on a Thursday night, again to go to the pub, fuelling the rumours of 'Dave and Michaela'. For some reason, we still hadn't managed to get it together. we were both protesting that we weren't interested. Then I found out that Dave had had a thing with a girl we knew and I was so upset, and cross too. I don't know why, it's not like we were in a relationship. Well i do know why, I liked him a lot, but thought I'd missed the boat now! :(

Even after all this, we still protested we weren't into each other but I think my reaction to the other girl made Dave think actually, this might not just be one sided! All through the November and December we texted constantly, and saw each other 3 or 4 nights a week. Until one night the conversation moved on to him and we managed to admit there were more feeling than just friendship. But my worry was that if things didn't work out, that I'd lose my friends ship with him, and that would have been awful!

So, STILL, nothing came of it all! Much to the frustration of everyone else!

Christmas rolls round and on 23rd December, we went to the pub again. It was packed, full of people we didn't know, which is unusual for this pub! I went to the loo, leaving my drink with Dave but when I returned, he'd left my drink on the table and gone outside to smoke. I was furious, more so than I should have been really i guess. I have had my drink spiked in the past though, and I'm very careful now.

It ruined my night and I was really upset. I stayed inside talking to some other friends whilst Dave stood outside. He text em asking me to come outside, and that he was expecting a slap. instead he got a kiss and there w go! FINALLY!!

It didn't end there tho, as we kept quiet about it until after new year! :) when finally, much to everyone relief, we went public! haha.

Things moved fast tho, and Amber was born in February of this year, 13months after we officially got together!

Writing this made me reminisce about all the fun we had, our whole group that used to go out has either fallen out, or moved on, which is sad, but some of us have had babies and some are in new relationships.

The thing I was most worried about with Dave was losing my friendship, but to the contrary, thing couldn't be better and I love him so much! :)


  1. Bless! That's a lovely story! Thanks so much for sharing it and linking up to Flashback Friday! Come back whenever you can! ;)


  2. Sounds like the plot of a Rom com! Can't tell who was wearing the bunny ears in that picture!

  3. hahah, those ears did the rounds! tho in the pic Dave has them on :D 2bh i'm not really sure where they came from to start with! :/

  4. aww, it was really nice to remember the details that you normally forget :D xx

  5. Awwww such a lovely story. I loved reading it! And how lucky to have had your first kiss photographed! x

  6. What a sweet and romantic post! I enjoy reading about how people got together - glad it all worked out well for you both x

  7. So far, so good ;) thanks for reading! x

  8. Great story, I love looking back over the 'good ol days' out with our friends but it makes me so sad that everyone ends on moving on.