Wednesday, 10 August 2011


This morning we were late. For a change! Ha. Anyone who knows me will know that since I had Amber, my time keeping is horrendous. For some reason, I just cant get the timing right. No matter how long I allow to get us ready, I will be late. However, when Will is at his dad's house, I have no problem. So why does 1 more make so much difference?

I blame Dave. Anyone who knows Dave, knows he doesn't even know what time-keeping is. Though in fairness, he was the child who's parents forgot to pick him up from school because they didn't realise the time! He is so laid back, it rubs off on me. Not that this is always a good thing! :)

I find the best way to get my kids out the door on time, is to rely on production-line-parenting. I get up, get  myself dressed before coming down stairs,bringing with me the kids clothes for the day. I make everyones breakfast, and we sit to the table, me in the middle. One spoon for Amber, one spoon for Will, and now and again a mouthful of tea for mummy!

On to getting them dressed. Nappy on Amber, undies on Will, dress on Amber, T-shirt on Will...and so it continues. Until Amber throws up all over herself, and/or Will crawls away in an attempt to escape 'The Boring Stuff' as he calls it!

I am missing the school run though, through the holidays, I've been finding it really hard to get out of the house before 11am! What a waste of the day,  I need to re-think my technique, its clearly not working!

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  1. Yup i feel your pain lol i am always late for everything no matter how early i start getting ready! John is the same as Dave, very laid back and leaves everything to the last minute.
    I usually get myself ready first and then start with the easy kids and work my way down to the most difficult one last!