Monday, 22 August 2011

Listography...A week in pictures...

This week, Kate Takes 5's listography is a lazy one. Nothing at all to do with the fact that she was hungover for the majority of the weekend. At all. :D

Here is my week...

Will and Dave panning for 'gold'

Amber stealing Daddy's coffee ice-cream :)

We bought a new Didymos wrap, and have now mastered getting Amber on my back! Happy days.

Showing off my excellent my 6mo daughter a jammy dodger...

Both of my children are TV addicts! Look at them sat in front of Horrid Henry. For the millionth time!

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  1. Surely Jammie Dodgers are the definition of Baby Led Weaning - They like it, they eat it! Good work, Amber. ;)

  2. Love the shot of your room being taken over by toys - bet you don't even see them there anymore!

  3. Kate..thats not even half!! :/ lol!

  4. She was almost dislocating her jaw trying to cram the whole thing in her mouth!! :D

  5. Jealous that you have mastered the back sling!

  6. That was my 1st attempt on my own! i'm quite impressed! :D