Wednesday, 3 August 2011

So....A dramatic beginning!

Well after some (hardly any! LOL) persuasion, here is my Blog. Although in fairness I planned to do this earlier. My son, however, had other plans!

Today has been one of 'those' days. It must be time for bed now? Surely? :)

After a late night, I was not impressed to be rudely awoken by Will. But actually, it was 9am! Breakfast with the kiddies, then we (Will) decided he wanted to go on a bus. I was convinced this was a bad idea from the offset, but since my car is knackered ATM, what other option did I have? So after lunch, I wrapped Pud up in the sling, packed a bag, and put Will in his wheelchair. And off we set for the bus stop. It was BOILING! and of course, carrying a small child in an Ellaroo doesn't bode well for inbuilt temperature gauges!

I forgot how annoying public transport is, I drive everywhere these days! The bus was, predictably, late.And when it finally arrived, Will almost threw himself out of the wheelchair with excitement! 45minutes later, we eventually arrived in Chester and 1st stop was the Disney store, where Will drew up a list of things he 'needs'. Bankruptcy??!! LOL! Then to ModelZone. Will's new interest is aeroplanes. I am totally out of the loop and have no idea about such complicated things, so Will directed me to the shop, and I dutifully took him in. 30 minutes, a long boring chat with an old man and £8 later, we left with a Falcon (?) model plane and a happy smiley boy.

Mission on back to the bus top, via McDs to refuel. I was absolutely melting carrying Amber and desperate for a drink. Will asked for some nuggets, so I said yes, and gave him them and the unopened tomato sauce. He promptly squeezed the sauce and decorated the counter, himself, me, his chair. NIGHTMARE. Not impressed!!

Finally a sit down on the bus, where my friend got on halfway along the route back home. She brought her son. This is when an already stressy day started to get worse.

We arrive home, the boys go upstairs to play. AKA trash Will's room. The next thing we know, THUD, and there is Will bouncing down half the stairs. Un-named child decided Will 'wasn't going fast enough' so gave him a helpful shove!! :O

Poor, poor William! Banged his head, back and shoulder. I cleaned him up, offered a lolly ice, and friend and son went home. Will seemed fine. Sat to table to eat his tea, and I fed Amber in her highchair. Then suddenly Will declares he feels sick. I managed to get him into the kitchen (easily cleaned floor!) He then promptly pukes all over the place! Niiiceeee!

Cue trip to A&E with James. Oh the Joys! :/ a few hours and lots of sick later, we get to go home. We have to wake him every 3 hours all night, and check his pupils. Fine. Except I am so tired, I may not wake up myself!

Ahh well, tomorrow is another (hopefully, less stressful) day.

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  1. Poor William, glad you managed to come home, hope hes feeling fine this mroning and even with the three hourly wakes you got a bit of sleep xxx

    (and Yay! at getting your blog going :)