Saturday, 20 August 2011

#Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


  1. lovely photo what a great fountain :)

  2. A family day out? Lovely fountain too and well captured

  3. Looks like a very peaceful place. Lovely picture.

    CJ xx

  4. lovely picture, did you have a good day out?

  5. yes, we went to the ice-cream farm, then out for dinner at the hilton in Chester, tehre is a Marco Pierre White restaurant there, and Will behaved imeccably!! :D

  6. What a lovely picture. It looks so peaceful x

  7. That looks like such a lovely day out - really serene!

    I couldn't reply yesterday, but here's what my photo was about! I blogged about it today :o)

    By the way, many of you asked what yesterday's Silent Sunday photograph was - it's this metal structure near The Shard at London Bridge.
    I just loved all the texture and the wavy lines.
    It looked really sinister on the cold afternoon, too.
    It reminded me of the stuff I used to do in A Level art, where I sculpted chicken wire into statues and then covered them in papier maché.
    The photo was cropped, and I thought it looked like a basque for a female robot!