Thursday, 25 August 2011

Ahhh, 1 less appointment to fit in!

Today I had to take Amber to a Consultant appointment. She has been regularly since she was born as she was early, also, she had an enlarged kidney.

Well today she was weighed, and at 29weeks and 2 days, shes is a tiny 6.3kg, 13lb15 :)

She has finally grown into her kidney (lol) and there are no further concerns, so she has been discharged with a full bill of good health.

I am so pleased. I have no concerns, other than her Uber-Sensitive skin, but we have a referral to dermatology for that already. She is doing all the age-appropriate things, and more!

Just perfect!

Best of all, its one less set of appointments I have to cram into my busy schedule...Who says its easy being a stay at home mum?? :)

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