Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Listography...Guilty Pleasures

Ohhh, so I am new to Kate takes 5's listography. But this one made me smile. I think I would be able to list more like 50, than the required 5! ;)

1) I try my best to be 'Uber-Mum'. you know, the wholesome, cooks from scratch everyday, organic produce bought from the local farm shop, brought home in a reusable bag on the handle bars of my bicycle type...BUT there are days when I just cant be bothered. (There are also days when I don't have time, but IMO, that's excusable!) And on the 'not in the mood' days...

Good old Heinz. I love spaghetti and sausages. It reminds me of being a kid!

2) Facebook, Twitter, Myspace...the whole lot! Dave is forever moaning about my online relationship! I don't know what he's talking about. I absolutely DO not take my phone to bed so I can update status'/check notifications whilst doing a night feed....


3) Kids Films...including *ahem* High School Musical

All the DVDs stacked up by the TV, are absolutely just for Will. Not me. I don't watch them when he is at his dad's. Ever. I promise. Nor am I able to recite the words, whilst dancing round the kitchen like Gabriella...

4)Haribo Super Mix.

I regularly nip to the shop for electric, or milk...and come back with Haribo super mix, large back, you know, to share around the kids. I regularly eat the whole bag before it even makes the cupboard. It has to be done in a particular order, to save the best for last! The best being the green and yellow jelly babies. YUM!

5) My kids. Well things for my kiddies.

I have a serious shopping addiction. I just cant help myself. but now I have two kids, its worse! Especially with Amber's nappies...I spout all the crap about saving money on disposables, blah blah, but probably spend twice as much on cloth nappies!! But SHHHHH! Don't tell Dave! ;)

Well, there are a few of my guilty pleasures. I could go on forever, but that defeats the point. So, if you have some to share..make your way over to Kate's page and add yourself to the list!


  1. Great list...I love cheesy kids films too, especially High School Musical!

  2. I like HSM1, and 2 is ok. but the 3rd gets on my nerves. currently have toy story 3 on, we're having a lazy day :)

  3. I love kids films michaela! And haribo super mix which I also eat in order and save the jelly babies till last White and orange are my faves lol