Saturday, 13 August 2011

Michaela, the rally widow...

Dave, my sometimes lovely other half likes rallying. You know, the stay out all night, drive stupidly fast, within the speed limit, down random little country lanes type...

Well, he often tells me he doing one on ** date, fine, I dont mind, it doesnt bother me really. Until the actual night. He left at 4.30pm today, to drive to Hereford for one. Well it is now half past 12. His car was due out at 11.50pm. He text me a fw minutes before to let me know he loves me and is starting shortly.

I am now sat on pins. I cant stay up all night, I have to get up with Amber. But I know I wont sleep properly. I cant settle knowing hes out there, in the middle of nowhere. It is worse now we have Amber, mostbly because I cant go with him and the marshalls.

Roll on 6am when I will get a text, probably along the lines of 'I'm alive, just finshed, going for breakfast now' before him and his brother start the 2 hour drive home!!


  1. hope you managed to get some sleep Michaela, and have had the 'I'm alive and on my way home call' xxx

  2. he's here. he was in bed before Amber had even woken up? havent spoken to him, so not sure why he was so early... :/ have looked out the window and car is in 1 piece! haha :)