Thursday, 4 August 2011

Nappy days...and 6months of breastfeeding :)

So. Dave thinks I have issues. 

I am definitely the hippy, odd-ball mum of my friends. I Breast-feed, Co-sleep, Baby-wear and best of all, Amber has a fluffy bum!

Its Friday now. Just about. And today marks 6months of breastfeeding for Amber and I. Proud moments for us, more so because she was born at 34 weeks. After 16weeks of complications, and wondering if we were even going to have a baby coming home with us!!

We cloth nappy due to Amber having very sensitive skin. But I kinda ran away with myself, and now have about 90 nappies. I suspect that's possibly OTT.

Tonight I washed and dried my nappies, and took a stash picture. BUT, there are more that I haven't managed to get in this picture! and a few more on the way. :/


  1. lots of nappies :) they are all so cute tho, and congrats at getting to the 6 months breastfeeding mark :)

  2. Thanks Sarah. it seems a bigger deal this tim round, where as with will, i never thought about it. with amber i realise how lukcy i am! :)